Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries


If you are up around Barnes Rd., & Cedar Hills Blvd., and you really want a burger then you might want to try this place.  The burger seem to be hand made, you have a choice of white or whole wheat buns & they give you A LOT of french fries  The burgers come as either a single or double.  That’s about as close as the can come to 5 Guys.  I had to try it because they are new & I am always looking for THE burger.  Unfortunately Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries didn’t make the cut.  It wasn’t bad but certainly not a place that I would go out of my way for.


It has been my philosophy to always try a new restaurant 3 times before giving it a final review.  Not this time!  The Best of Szechuan ISN’T.  It is a very big building that didn’t make it as a Chinese buffet.  And, it won’t make it as a full serve restaurant.  First the service, or non-service, to be correct.  We had accidently knocked over a glass of ice water.  There was water & Ice cubes all over a corner of the table.  When our server(?) came over to take our order she looked at the ice cubes & shrugged.  Needless to say the ice cubes stayed on the table for the duration of the meal.  The place is very big and was almost empty.  I think that there may have been three other tables occupied.  Our server seemed to disappear for long periods of time.  Maybe it was a long walk to the kitchen, from our table.  We ordered the BBQ pork as an appetizer.  It was so dry that no amount of sauce helped .  We left more than 1/2 of it.  When our server(?) saw it she said that they did look kinda dry, but didn’t offer to replace them.  My wife ordered a shrimp dish, which we usually have at another Sichuan restaurant & it wasn’t even close.  I ordered a lamb dish & there was little to no flavor in it.  I think that the Best of Szechuan is a “Taste of Sichuan” wannnabe.  Save your time & money.  Stay with the Taste of Sichuan on Cornell Rd.


Tad’s Chicken & Dumplings is one of our favorite places to eat. This last time they slipped up, a little. Our server seemed to be a little confused & forgetfull. My wife ordered soup and I ordered a salad as our 1st course. Our server brought out 2 soups. It took a while before we could get her attention & told her the problem. She apologized & said she would bring my salad right out. Well, right out was about ten minutes & the time that it took my wife to finish her soup. For dinner my wife ordered the amazing Chicken & Dumplings, I ordered the famous Pan Fried Chickem. Again, it took “a While” for our dinners to be served. When they finally were brought to the table there were 2 Chicken & Dumpling dinners. Again, we told our server about the mistake. She apologized, again, and said that she would bring my fried chicken out right away. Well, she did bring my dinner out very quickly. It was a good thing that I ordered a dumpling as a side because, much to my surprise, the chicken was slightly burnt, overdone & pretty dry. So, as you can see, our server wasn’t having a very good night & neither did we. This still remains one of our favorites & we will be back.

Burgers, burgers, burgers. It seems that,just like Starbucks, there’s a “burger joint” on every corner. Well I just found Dickie Jo’s. This place has taken all of the best parts from 5 guys, Burgerville &, for those of you who can remeber, Jaimies. The decor & atmosphere is red & white, with tables, booths & a sit down counter, like Jaimies. You place your order when you come in, like Burgerville & 5 Guys. They give you a number to take to your seat & they bring the food to you, like Burgerville. The patties look & taste like they are hand made & you can get them in singles, doubles, etc., like 5 guys. Here is where Dickie Jo’s separates themself from the rest of the pack. You can order your burger the way you want it. I ordered a cheesburger, medium rare, with nothing on it & french fries extra crispy. Both were delivered, exactly the way I ordered them, to my table within 10 minutes. The burger was inside a bun that was so light & fluffy and tasted as though it was just baked. The staff is sooo friendly & helpful and the dining room was spotless. I will definitely stop here the next time that I am in Tualatin & may even try something else from their menu.

We were in downtown Portland yesterday, walking by the river.  My son said that he had heard about a great Sushi restaurant called Sushi Ichiban, which was really close by.  It’s in a little, nondescript, storefront & if you’re not careful you can easily miss it.  To say that it was crowded would be an understatement.  We had to wait about 20 minutes before a table was available.  Every seat at the counter was taken.  Almost all of the other Sushi places put the plates on a little mobile track that travels around the counter & you can select the dishes that you like.  Well Ichiban has taken it a step further,  They actually have an electric train, like the ones we had when we were little, & the dishes are all on flatcars just like the real trains.  I was fairly impressed by their menu, they had some dishes that I hadn’t seen in any other Sushi restaurant.  The tempura salmon & tempura california rolls were different than any othr Sushi restaurant & tasted really good.Unfortunately that’s where all of my positive notes stop as it all went downhill from there.  The service, or lack thereof, was not there.  there were at least 3 servers(?) & it looked like no one knew that we were supposed to be serviced.  After we had marked our selections on the order sheet we waited… and waited… and waited, until my son actually had to walk up to the counter & hand it to one of the sushi chefs.  The dishes were then delivered, one or two at a time & very sporadically.  It took so long between dishes that we forgot what we had ordered.  My Salmon & Tuna, sushi, were both so dry that they didn’t even stick to the rice that they were seved on.  They also, serves our dishes without  ginger or wasabi, we had to ask twice before somone brought them to the table.    Living on the west end of Beaverton, I would not make the trip back to Portland  just eat at Sushi Ichaban.  Avoid the trip & go to Mio Sushi, where they have the freshest sushi & a very varied menu of other Japanese dishes.  They are on NW 185t, in the Safeway shopping center

Don’t be BAMBOOZLED by the plethora of “Vietnamese” restaurants in the area.  Bambuza Vietnam Bistro is THE place.  There are a few of them but we favor the one on Cornell Rd., in Hillsboro,  Let’s start with the Vegetarian Salad Rolls.  They are big enough to be a main course, there is such a combination textures, taste & color that to try to describe how good they are would take up more space than we are allowed here.  Needless to say “YOU MUST TRY THEM”.  The Lobster Tail Wontons are are fried to just the right crispyness & filled with minced lobster, shrimp and shallots which keeps it moist on the inside.  When you dip them in the sweet chili sauce you will experience an amazing taste & just might become addicted to them.  I usually have the Honey Glazed Chicken, the Drunken Crispy Chicken or the Cognac Luc Lac Beef.  This time I decided to venture out of my comfort zone & try something different.  I had the Seafood Nest, with tiger prawns, calamari, mushrooms, wokked in rice wine & oyster sauce.  It is served over a bed of pan fried noodles.  i got news for everyone… this may have just become my new FAVORITE DISH.   The restaurant is a little hard to find, as you can’t see it from Cornell Rd.,  But, it is in the Whole Foods parking lot.  For those of you who don’t live in the Tanasbourne area…. Make the trip it’s worth it.

I had previously written a review of Monteaux. I said they had the VERY BEST hamburger that I have ever eaten. Well, we went there again, last week, and I ordered the Pinot Noir Glazed Flat Iron steak. It came with, bleu cheese crumbles, roasted Yukon potatoes and asparagus. The potatoes were big & were roasted just enough to give them the browned outside while keeping the inside moist & sweet. The asparagus was, well…. just asparagus, I don’t think that you can do too much with them except over or under cook them, in which case they would either be too mushy or too hard, these were cooked to just the right texture. What can I say about the steak…. It was as tasty and tender as anything that you would get at Outback, Sayler’s or the Ringside, only not as expensive. I will say that it was a little late, in the evening, about 8:30ish so there weren;t a lot of people being served. Our server seemed to be more interested in chatting with the other workers than in paying attention to her customers. Because it was later in the day & not that many customers I think that the coud have turned the A/C down a bit as it was pretty cold. That being said, Monteaux is now on our list of preferred restaurants & we will definitely eat there more often. If you want to keep your money in the local area, these guys are about as local as you can get.

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